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Granite Countertop Prices for all Budgets

With such a wide variety of granite countertop prices available today, everyone is sure to find something to suit their budget. Traditionally thought of as quite an expensive option, there are now such a wide array of outlets, High Street stores and also on the internet, you really should be able to find a granite countertops price which is within your price range. The internet has really opened up the buyers options, with more and more competition encouraging suppliers to reduce granite countertop prices in order to remain competitive.

Properly installed, quality granite countertops should last a lifetime, so the care of cleaning granite countertops is of the utmost importance. Granite is the second hardest stone known to man, (only diamond is harder), and, because it was formed from molten rock can withstand the heat from any hot pot with the need of a stand or trivet, the durable surface is excellent and hardwearing but is not impervious to damage. A polished surface may look wonderful when new, but it will need to be cared for if you want its beauty to be long-lasting. Never use the granite surface as a cutting surface, it is recommended to always use a cutting board, although the granite is hard, some of the minerals in it may be soft. This is why granite countertops can be chipped or may break along the grain. Also be careful what you put directly onto the surface, if acidic foods are left on the surface for any length of time (such as lemon juice, vinegar and soft drinks) they can etch the surface. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners can also damage your granite countertop. The best way to clean while avoiding streaks is to us a small amount of warm water with a dash of gentle washing up liquid. This should do the trick without causing any damage to the surface.

There are various discount granite countertops available which may be tempting for you. Not all homeowners can afford to pay for premium price granite, so cheap granite countertops can be an attractive option. Many granite suppliers will have three or four tiers of granite to choose from. The first tier will include the premium products which will be the highest price; this will be judged on several criteria including the color, patterns, thickness, country of origin and the latest fashion trends. The granite in the lower tiers can have the same durability and beauty as the more expensive tiers, and could even be harder and more durable, so it really pays to shop around at various granite countertop prices.

Another way in which you can reduce the price of your granite countertop is to buy a thinner cut stone. Traditionally granite countertops are cut at around three centimetres, but thinner cut stone can be a little less than two, and some suppliers now carry stones that have been cut thin intentionally and laminated at the quarry. These can be installed laminated to plywood backing for additional stability.

Granite is a very beautiful stone and adds color and warmth to any kitchen. The majority of the cost of the granite is not in the stone itself, but in the quarrying, transport, polishing and fitting. While homeowners can help to reduce costs by helping with labor, it should always be fitted by an expert. With clever design and planning, homeowners can enjoy the benefits without the traditional large expense for many, many years, and they have proved to be a very wise investment for many homeowners.